The New Brunswick Translation Industry Council was created in October 1995, as a result of a study sponsored by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism on translation in New Brunswick. From the beginning, the Council has adopted as its mission the promotion of the translation industry by providing a forum where the interests of clients, translation practitioners, educational institutions and government bodies would be represented and the need for succession planning would be taken into account in order to ensure the orderly growth of the industry. The Council is also known as NB Translation.

Since its creation, NB Translation has carried out several projects. For example, it has produced a list of translators practising in New Brunswick; prepared a reference document on the state of the translation industry in the Province; formulated 12 recommendations to help solve the problems raised in the reference document, which were submitted to the Provincial Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the Department of; published a protocol for translation internships. As well, one of its officers attended meetings of the Canadian Translation Industry Sectoral Committee, an initiative of Industry Canada.

NB Translation has several projects on its agenda for the coming year.  It welcomes new members who wish to participate in the promotion and the development of the translation industry.

New Brunswick Translation council Staff

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